What is Hashing?

Social, non-competitive running for the trying-to-get-fit.

What we do

Every Monday night at 7pm, around 30 runners set off to follow a trail of flour across footpaths and country lanes. We don't know where we are going but expect it to be wet & muddy and only hope that we will find our way back to the start after an hour or so.

Where we do it

Runs start and finish from a different country pub somewhere on the Mendips. Routes are nearly always off-road and follow footpaths across fields, through woods, into streams and over distant hills. You can see the pubs we have run from before on a map here.

Who does it

Young, old, fit, unfit, men, women, girls, boys, dogs, cats, fat, thin, tall or short. They have all hashed with us.

Can I do it too?

Yes! Just turn up around 6:45 at any of our runs, which are always listed here. Wear off-road shoes or old trainers and bring a torch in the winter. Your first run is free and only one pound per week after that.

Origins of the Hash

Read the full Hash Story on Wikipedia.