George Franks

Started: 16/04/2012
11 runs, 0 as hare.
Run NoDatePubHare?
70415/10/12Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
70308/10/12Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
69116/07/12Thatched Cottage, Shepton Mallet 
68625/06/12Full Moon, Southover St, Wells 
68411/06/12Pelican, Chew Magna 
68121/05/12Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
68014/05/12Castle of Comfort, Priddy 
67807/05/12Somerset Wagon, Chilcompton 
67730/04/12Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
67623/04/12White Hart Inn, Cross 
67516/04/12Deer Leap car park - On down to New Inn @ Priddy