Nick Robertson

Started: 25/10/2004
14 runs, 0 as hare.
Run NoDatePubHare?
80522/09/14Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
36702/10/06Combe hill wood car park, Nr Street 
29011/04/05Horse and Jockey, Gurney Slade 
28828/03/05Full Moon, Southover St, Wells 
28428/02/05Wellsway, West Harptree 
28321/02/05Pony and Trap, Newtown, Chew Magna 
27710/01/05Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
27420/12/04Queen Vic, Priddy 
27206/12/04Old Station Inn, Hallatrow 
27129/11/04Crown Inn, Clapton 
27022/11/04Fountain, Wells 
26915/11/04Mendip Inn, Gurney Slade 
26701/11/04Railway Inn, Clutton 
26625/10/04Crossways Hotel, North Wotton