Jerry Carter

Started: 14/04/2003
15 runs, 2 as hare.
Run NoDatePubHare?
21824/11/03Kings Arms, Litton 
21503/11/03Blue Bowl, West Harptree 
21106/10/03Car park Behind Charterhouse, (On Down to Castle of Comfort) 
21001/10/03Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
20929/09/03Spice Dunes, Farrington Gurney 
20822/09/03Holcombe Inn, Holcombe 
20608/09/03Crown Inn, Pilton 
20501/09/03Crown Inn, West Harptree 
19814/07/03City Arms, Wells 
19630/06/03Live and Let Live, BlagdonHare
19416/06/03Panborough Inn, Panborough (nr Wedmore) 
19126/05/03White Post, Midsomer NortonHare
19019/05/03Sun Inn, Union St, Wells 
18912/05/03Somerset Wagon, Chilcompton 
18514/04/03Kings Arms, Litton